Mission to Paraguay

John and Colleen Eisenberg ( and their three children) have served as missionaries in Africa and South America since 1990.  In Paraguay they help organize ALPHA study groups to bring new people into the 42 churches and disciple them.  They also have helped implement agricultural development programs for pastors in rural areas, taught in the Methodist Bible Institute, and developed a carpentry program for the Toba Indians. If you visit Paraguay, you will find them assisting the short-term teams with transportation and translation.  John was the Field Leader for The Mission Society missionaries in Paraguay from 2000 to 2007.  He also helps with the National Church construction projects.

John is now pastor of Cristo Viviente Methodist Church. He was interim pastor of Santa Rosa Methodist Church when we arrived back in Paraguay in 2009.  He is teaching about Juan Wesley and Methodism at the Methodist Bible Institute.  Colleen is teaching English as a foreign language at Nuevo Horizonte Methodist School in Lambare, Paraguay.  John and Colleen help to transport and translate for work term teams.  John helps with construction projects. He also leads ALPHA in various churches.

You can learn more about the Eisenberg’s ministry to the people of Paraguay (and how to support them) by clicking on the following link: